Terms And conditions

Below are the terms and conditions of the £99 site.

Please note extra pages, products and features can be purchased and added to your website at anytime.

Limitations - This offer is for a 3 page website only. It does not include checkout, or ecommerce. If you would like an ecommerce site please email me. Additional pages can be created at any time for an agreed fee.

Completion - Completion will be from 7-14 days depending on workload. You will be informed of the turnaround time upon receipt of payment. Alternatively you can email me before purchasing.

Domain - A free .co.uk or .com domain will be registered for you in your name. Please note you may not be able to get your first choice as it may of already been taken

Access to your site - I will provide you with ftp access to your site so you can do with it as you wish. Please note i cannot be held responsible for any changes that you or any third party makes to your website or any of its files

Hosting - Hosting will be provided for FREE 1 year. After 1 year you can either keep your website hosted with me for a fixed price of £4.99 a month or you can move your site to another hosting provider. Please note that if you move your website i cannot help with the transfer process.

seo - I will optimize your pages for 1 keyword. Please note this will not guarantee you first page of google listings. If you need any SEO advice i will be happy to assist.



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